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Betrust NV - Jump to our website! Newsletter 11 April 2013

MyContracts: The iPad App for your field employee

Betrust launches MyContracts, a ready-to-use App for iPad that offers your employees an immediate overview of all PDF documents that needs to be signed or completed.

MyContracts is ideal for:

  • Sales employees
  • Front Office employees
  • Brokers
  • Agents 
  • On-the-road technicians
  • ...

No more lost time like printing out PDF documents in order to sign them, double checking afterwards, scanning, organizing and/or classifying.

The Betrust Secure Signing Platform immediately forwards PDF documents to the right employee, who receives online and in real-time an overview of all PDF documents to be completed or signed.

Once logged in, an overview of all PDF documents ready to complete instantly appears.

sign PDF document on iPad

A few simple clicks and your document is ready to be signed or completed.

sign PDF page on iPad

PDF PDF documents can be signed :

  • With your electronic ID card , by using a smart card reader which can be connected to your iPad - see previous newsletter
  • With a simple 'manual' signature (with or without stylus) directly on your iPad (the signature and possible characteristics are integrated in the document).

Our services can immediately process your completed and/or signed PDF documents in your application (ERP, CRM, accounting software, ...), without any loss or incorrect data.

Moreover, PDF documents can be shared by multiple employees .

In addition, your company can automatically sign as well (automatically) when the customer (or more parties) has (have) signed.

Your benefits ...

  1. Your employee always has access to an up-to-date overview of unsigned and incomplete PDF documents .

  2. The signed document and all rendered data are immediately redirected to your ERP system.

  3. Reduce your administrative expenses
    It is no longer necessary to process documents afterwards (typewrite data, scan and file PDF documents ).

  4. Your data are correct!
    By using our services, you avoid wrong data in your EPR due to typographical errors.


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