Dynamic signatures on touch screen (tablet, smartphone)

With the advent of smartphones and tablets it is becoming more easy to get your PDF documents (order, delivery, contract, timesheet ...) electronic signed.

Usually a signature is placed on the touch screen and then processed in the document as a so-called "Static Signature". Purely an image in the form of a .GIF, .JPG or a .PNG file.

The downside is that this image can easily be copied and has little or no probative value (in itself).

With the introduction of Dynamic Signatures the reliability and legal status of signing with a stylus on a simple touch screen (tablet, smartphone ...) is strongly increased.

After all, just as with pen and paper each signature is made up of a unique set of characteristics.

With a "Dynamic Signature" this series of characteristics are captured.

These attributes are stored encrypted in the document so that at all times the visual signature and its characteristics remain together.

This can then be used later on to prove that a certain person has placed his signature (for example, by comparing it with a 'specimen' signature).

If necessary, the document can be certified, and be provided with a Digtal Timestamp in order to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the document.

This service comes standard to all existing customers who use our software-as-a-Service.