Please add a copy of you eID card, bank card (or any other document)

Does your company require customers to complete and sign documents and requests them to add a copy of their bank card, driver's license or other documents ?


On the Betrust Secure Signing Platform a user can easily take a photo(s) of the document (bank card, driver's license, ...) and add these images immediately to the document that needs to be signed.

Every 'copy' is stored in its own PDF document, encrypted and linked with the signed document.

An unlimited number of copies can, if required, be added to the document to be signed.

The completed and/or signed PDF documents and copies can, via our services, be processed immediately in your application (ERP, CRM, accounting package,...), in real time and without loss of or with incorrect data.

Furthermore documents and 'copies' can easily be shared with several people.


  1. Your customers can add copies of documents online.
  2. No need to contact the customer after signing the document to receive these copies and then process them manually.
  3. The signed document can be to third parties without these copies (GDPR!).
  4. These copies can immediately be stored in your application (ERP, CRM, accounting package, ...).
  5. Lost documents are avoided.