Bulk signing of documents

To check your customer data (or other) you want to send an online form to all your customers (this can be hundreds or even thousands).

Each online form has (optional) prefilled fields with data coming from your ERP or other application that user can adjust.

After signing by your customer, these (adapted) data will automatically be processed in your ERP or other application.

Betrust Secure Signing Platform (BSSP)

With the Betrust Secure Signing Platform (BSSP) this can be realized easily.

Your IT department can fully realize this yourself by using the REST web services of the BSSP.

The completed and/or signed PDF documents can, via our services, be processed immediately in your application (ERP, CRM, accounting package, ...), in real time and without loss of or with incorrect data.

If you do not have IT support, it is also possible to provide the necessary data (Word / PDF document, CSV file with additional data, ...)

We take care of:
  1. sending e-mails with signing links.
  2. sending reminder e-mails.
  3. submitting the completed / signed PDF documents (during or after the campaign).
  4. providing the (changed) data (during or after the campaign).