Transactional e-mails

The Betrust Secure Signing Platform (BSSP) can send out e-mails to inform third parties that a document is ready to be completed and/or to be signed.

For each document it can be determined who is the addressee and when a reminder e-mail should be sent (or more) in case that the document has not yet been signed after a certain while. (hours, days, weeks...).

All this is fully automated.

All e-mails obtain SPF / DKIM / DMARC signatures ensuring a correct receipt of the e-mail is guaranteed.

All of the events with regard to the e-mail (sent, received, opened, ...) are stored in the Audit log for possible future reference.

Your benefits ...

  1. No need to send out e-mails yourself.
  2. Integrated into the Betrust Secure Signing Platform (BSSP).
  3. All events are stored in the audit log for future reference.