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Newsletter 33, March 2021

Betrust partnership with ZealiD ® sign documents with ZealiD

Betrust partners with ZealiD to provide qualified electronic signatures to users across the European Union (EU)

ZealiD proudly shares news of an established partnership with Betrust. Based in Belgium, Betrust offers different Cloud-based solutions that allow companies to complete and sign all kinds of documents in remote and digital environments across Europe.

'We’re very pleased to partner with Betrust and reach their digital-centric customer base. ZealiD’s core strengths revolve around ease-of-use and accessibility without compromising standard of security. The Betrust partnership highlights an aligned view between industries on how digital interactions and identification should be frictionless between customers and companies’. - Philip Hallenborg, CEO of ZealiD.

Stefan Geelan, CEO of BETRUST added; ‘At Betrust, easy-to-use solutions that facilitate document completion and online signing in various ways is our core business. ZealiD’s innovative approach to qualified digital signatures offers an unparalleled user-experience combined with the optimum degree of security.’

Accepted by all public authorities in the EU, all courts in the EU, this partnership allows Betrust to offer a pan-European solution to our customers, which often export their goods and services to other European countries and need qualified signatures adhering to the latest standards and regulation on identification and authentication (eIDAS regulation and ETSI standards).

About ZealiD:

At the core of ZealiD is a belief that all global citizens in the future will have one or more digital certificates to represent their digital identity. With a digital certificate tied to a smartphone, users can easily identify themselves, sign contracts and authenticate remotely.

ZealiD is a leading solution to qualified digital signatures in Europe and Sweden’s first qualified trust service provider of qualified certificates and signatures (notified by PTS to the EU Trusted List). ZealiD is the first company globally to certify a machine based (non-video) remote registration process to distribute persistent certificates with its ZealiD App. It is the most innovative technology in the industry and trusted by prominents partners and clients such as Docusign, Adobe Sign, Tele2 and Novum Bank.

Founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, ZealiD has offices in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Cologne, Germany, and it is backed by some of Sweden’s foremost entrepreneurs and investors including J12 Ventures, Collector Bank, NFT Ventures, and Almi Invest.

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