Sign documents with the Vasco 875 Vasco Data Logo DIGIPASS for eID bluetooth card reader and tablet or smartphone

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The Vasco Digipass 875 Vasco Data Logo signs documents wirelessly by connecting it to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

The MyContracts app detects the presence of the Vasco Digipass 875 wirelessly so you can sign documents with the use of the Belgian electronic identity card.

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Digital signature - Sign online - MyContracts

The finalization of the (sales) process becomes very easy:

  1. Insert the Belgian electronic identity card in the card reader.

  2. Start the signing process on the MyContracts app.

  3. The signatory inserts his PIN code on the keypad of the card reader.

  4. The document has been signed!

With its own keypad (PIN pad), the DP 875 is extremely safe to sign documents: In no way the PIN is sent to the smartphone or tablet.