Documents efficiently completed and signed by your representative at the client's premises

From simple documents to the most complex

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Does your representative still sign order forms, contracts, ... on paper?

Are documents completed sloppy or incomplete?

Will documents be lost, will they be retyped in your ERP or CRM (or other) and will this lead to errors or incorrect data?

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Then it is high time for MyContracts!

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MyContracts: The electronic briefcase

Share documents with your salespeople on the road so that documents can be signed directly at the customer's premises.

Process the data immediately after signing and speed up your internal processes with up-to-date information.

No WiFi or internet connection? Download documents in advance and have them signed while being offline.

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For the entire Sales team

The great ease of use makes it easy for your representatives to use MyContracts

After a short training, everyone can get started right away. This way, efficiency can be increased quickly.

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Intelligente formulieren

Intelligent forms

MyContracts guides your representative in completing forms.

Add business logic so that complex documents are filled in flawlessly.

Link with BCE to process data automatically

Real-time gegevens

Real-time ERP / CRM data

When completing the document, your representative can use real-time data from your backend system, such as customer data, stock data, ...

This facilitates the completion and eliminates errors.

electronic identity card    usb token    electronic identity card    usb token

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Speed up the sales process by having the customer sign the document immediately with Pen, TAN / SMS, eID or Itsme.

The benefits of the MyContracts App

For your representative (and customer):

  • Optimal ease of use compared to paper administration.
  • More attention to the customer and the sales process.
  • Up-to-date information thanks to connection with your ERP / CRM application.
  • Document (order form, contract, ...) can be filled in and signed immediately by the customer.
  • The customer immediately receives the signed document in his Inbox.
  • No more administration afterwards at the office.
  • Your representative has more time to ... sell
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For your customer service (office staff):

  • Immediate real-time follow-up of orders placed (or other information).
  • Reduced workload, all data is immediately processed in your ERP / CRM application
  • Time savings, accuracy and better follow-up of orders, stock, deliveries, ...

For your business:

  • Faster order processing.
  • Less paper and manual administration.
  • Image improvement.

Easily fill in forms with data from your ERP / CRM package

Real-time data from your CRM / ERP (or other) package can be used to complete forms online.


This way the automatic processing in your ERP / CRM package runs smoothly.


Bonus: This makes it easier to fill in (complex) forms with upt-to-date data.

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Real-time connection Crossroads Bank of Enterprises

New customer (CBE) data can be automatically retrieved from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.


New customer information can be processed easily and without errors.

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Integration with your ERP or CRM application

With our API it is easy to integrate your ERP or CRM application with MyContracts.


This allows data to be sent to and from MyContracts in real-time, which makes data flow smoothly.

ERP/CRM integratie

Betrust Secure Signing Platform

MyContracts uses the Betrust Secure Signing Platform.


This gives you a whole range of possibilities to have documents completed and signed in a different way.

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Onboarding en support

Every customer is different and has his own needs                     

During your onboarding, a Betrust Consultant helps with the preparation of the forms, the testing, the training of your representatives and the roll-out.


After the Go-Live there is always the Betrust Support Team to support you further.

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Health care sector

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Human Resources

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Finance & Accountancy

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All our services can be used in many sectors for all kinds of transactions:


Documents can be signed with ordinary, advanced and qualified (eIDAS) signatures.


Betrust N.V. is a Belgian company specialized offering services regarding online signing, certifying, archiving and sending of documents , and more...

These services are delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

This allows companies to extend business applications with our services so as to reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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