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Digital workflow of your documents.

Get electronic signatures from others.

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Digital Signature | Sign online.

Do you still ask your customer to complete and sign documents on paper?

Are your incoming documents on paper still manually processed, scanned and archived?

Replace your paper documents with electronic versions using the Betrust Secure Signing Platform.

Your customers can complete and sign documents online using desktop or mobile devices.

Avoid manual processing, scanning or archiving of received documents on paper and manually linking of these documents with the correct file into your backend system.

All data can be automatically processed in your backend system (ERP, CRM, ...) using our services.

digital signing

Sign online and complete documents using the Betrust Secure Signing Platform.

Betrust has specific expertise in two-way handling of PDF documents .

Thanks to our services your company can convert your paper flow into a much more efficient and automated electronic flow.

All services concerning PDF documents (completing, signing, automatically counter signing, ...) are processed on our Betrust Secure Signing Platform (BssP).

Connect your backend system (ERP, ...) with our BSSP and process all documents without any manual interaction!

Currently we offer following services:

sign online
Live Data Feed (waiting for connection)...



Authenticate users before they complete or sign a document using the e-Authenticate service.

Authentication can be done via email-address, social login, eID (X.509), TAN(SMS) or TAN(OTP).


electronic identity card   electronic identity card   usb token

Sign PDF documents online with the e-Sign [Digital] service.

Process all data of the Belgian eID card immediately with your software.

Other X.509 certificates can be used as well (on smartcard, USB-token).

e-Sign [Pen]

onderteken met iPad2   digital signing   onderteken met Android tablet

Sign PDF documents with Smartphone, tablet or PC touchscreen with the e-Sign [Pen] service.

e-Sign [TAN/SMS]


Sign PDF documents with a TAN sent via a SMS to the user's (smart)phone using the e-Sign [TAN/SMS] service.

e-Sign [TAN/OTP]


Sign PDF documents with a TAN code generated using the OTP app (iOS, Android) using the e-Sign [TAN/OTP] service.



Complete PDF documents online with the e-Forms service and process all data automatically in your administrative software.



Automatically counter-sign all documents with your company's certificate using the e-Certify service.

Conditional signing and multiple counter-signatures are also possible.



Documents can still be completed and signed on paper and with e-Fax service you'll receive the electronic version right into your ERP system (and any data) using the e-Fax service.



Provide legal evidence for your PDF documents by adding a trusted digital time-stamp (RFC 3161) using the e-TimeStamp service.


SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft AX, Dynamics, Java, .NET

Integrate all services of the Betrust Secure Signing Platform directly into your ERP or other application using the e-Express service.

Sign everywhere, on any device.

Provide the freedom to buy and sign documents anywhere.

Documents can be completed and signed anywhere and on any device.

Whether it's with a desktop, smartphone or tablet, in the office, in the car or outside, your customers have the freedom to sign the document without any diffulty.

sign online

MyContracts: The electronic briefcase

Have an overview of all documents while being on the road.

Never forget a document, have it with you all the time and close that deal by having it signed now!

No Wifi or internet connection? No problem, download the documents in advance and have them signed when being offline.

Upload signed documents to the BSPS when connection is available again.

Available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

MyContracts App in Apple Store
MyContracts App in Google PlayStore
sign online


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Betrust N.V. is a Belgian company specialized offering services regarding online signing, certifying, archiving and sending of PDF documents , and more...

These services are delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

This allows companies to extend business applications with our services so as to reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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